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Consultant Roster

Facilities Services maintains a roster of architectural, engineering, specialty consultants who are eligible to perform consulting services for projects where the consultant Agreement shall not exceed $300,000.00 for the entire duration of the Project.

Consultants interested in being included on the roster shall contact contracts@wsu.edu to request a Registration Form.

Consultant Opportunity Listing(s):

RFQ for Design-Build Services - WSU Tri-Cities Academic Building

RFQ Shortlist Delay

Shortlist Announcement Delay See Attached.
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WSU Consultant Roster Registration

Washington State University periodically requires consultant services less than $300,000.00 for planning, design, special studies, inspections, and construction related services. The Department of Facilities Services maintains a Consultant Roster for these services. Once registered, Consultants will be selected from the Consultant Roster on the basis of specific project requirements and in conformance with the Department of Facilities Services policy.

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