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Small Works Roster

Facilities Services maintains a Small Works Roster of contractors per the requirements of WAC 504-50-080. Whenever the estimated cost of any construction, building, renovation, remodeling, alteration, repair, or improvement of real property does not exceed three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000), excluding tax, the Department of Facilities Service at Washington State University, is authorized to use the Small Works Roster in lieu of public advertisement for bids.

Contractors interested in being included in the roster shall contact contracts@wsu.edu to request the Application Packet.

Bidding Opportunities

Printing Disclaimer: The bidding documents attached below are available for all interested bidders and plancenters. The University does not provide printing services; it is the bidders responsibility to print the drawings to the appropriate scale indicated. We encourage the use of professional printing shops.

Contractor Opportunity Listing(s):

CANCELED - Bid - Food Quality Addition Install New Dairy Equipment

The University has elected to cancel this project and will not be accepting bids at this time.

RFQ for Design Build Services - Tri-Cities Academic Building

See the Consultant Opportunity Listing: http://facilitiesservices.wsu.edu/consultants.aspx

2018 Small Works Roster

2018 Small Works Roster Manual and Application below.

     - 2018 SWR Manual.pdf  

Bid Results Year 2018

Listed below are all bid results for the projects bid during the 2018 year. This list includes publicly bid as well as Small Works Roster invited bid projects.

     - Bid Tab - Re-Bid Food Quality Building Install Catwalk in Receiving Bay.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Cattle Feeding Laboratory Construct Pole Building.pdf  
     - Bid Summary - Eastlick STEM Teaching Lab 170 Abatement.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Eastlick STEM Teaching Lab 170 & HVAC Upgrade.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Roadways Repave Stadium Way from SR270 to Nevada Street.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Install GPON in Housing Apartment Complexes.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - College Avenue Steam Tunnel Lid Repair.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Knott Dairy.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Chilled Water Storage Facility Replace Storage Tank Roof.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Install GPON Conduit in North Apartment Complexes.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Domestic Water Meter Installations at Campus Perimeter.pdf  

Bid Results Year 2017

Listed below are all bid results for the projects bid during the 2017 year. This list includes publicly bid as well as Small Works Roster invited bid projects.

     - Bid Tab - GWSP Install Structural Beams in Generator Room 102.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Soccer Field Upgrade Phase II 1-24-17.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Cooper Publications Roof Replacement - 8436-2016.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Regents Stearns Dining Replace Roof.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Prosser IAREC Tenant Improvements.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Grimes Way Playfield Parking Lot.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Cougar Football Complex Slab Reinforcement.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - WSU PBS Fourth Floor Remodel.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Rogers Hall Install Fiber Optic Cabling & GPON Equip.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Barnard McGregor Electrical Improvements - 9476-2017.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Research and Technology Park Boiler Replacement.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Wilke Pole Building.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Re-Bid Barnard McGregor Electrical Improvements.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Valley Crest Parking Lot Phase 2.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Spokane Academic Center Leadership & Diversity Office.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - HERB Kitchen & Nutrition Lab Renovation.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Food Quality Purchase & Install Catwalk.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Todd Hall Renovate Suite 402.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Cattle Feed Lab Demo Building and Develop Gravel Parking Lot.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Chief Joe Bldgs B&C Landscape.pdf  

Bid Results Year 2016

Listed below are all bid results for the projects bid during the 2016 year. This list includes publicly bid as well as Small Works Roster invited bid projects.

     - Bid Tab - Soccer Field Upgrade Phase II 1-21-15.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Presidents Residence Exterior Renovation.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Food Quality Building East Side Addition.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - McEachern Roof Replacement.pdf  
     - Bid Summary - Clark Hall AV Upgrades.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Daggy PArking Lower Level Phase 2.pdf  
     - Bid Tab Wilson-Short Elevator Modernization.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - WSU Research Park COE Solar Array 5-17.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Valley Crest Village RePave Parking Lot.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Streit Hall Install Fiber Optics.pdf  
     - Bid Summary - Utility Tunnel System Abate Asbestos Along Grimes Way.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Grimes Way Steam Plant Tank Liner Replacement.pdf  
     - Bid Summary - Stauber Raptor Facility Work Room Remodel.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Chief Joseph Interior Renovation Buildings B&C Abatement.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Spokane Speech Research Facility.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Feed Prep Install Platform for Cyclone Cleaning.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Chief Joe Buildings B and C.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - WSUV Classroom Bldg HSC.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Perham Hall Install Fiber Optics and GPON Equipment.pdf  
     - Bid Tab - Wilson Short Elevator Renewal.pdf  

Need Services?

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All other inquiries should be directed to our work management center at 335-9000.

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